As always, I keep my review short and to the point, and give the community to share their opinions and wishes.

The animation and graphics are amazing and really stand out in modern gaming. The gameplay is smooth, fun and easy to master.

The first half of the game allows you to explore almost everything that the game has to offer when it comes to reply value. Unfortunately, once you get on the boat to start with the second half of the game, the chapters go fast, story gets confusing and game becomes linear.

However, when you reach almost the end of the story, you can go back in time and enjoy the open world once more and level up your character as you please.

To dive deeper in the story, Square Enix is forcing you to watch Kinsglave movie and the Brotherhood series. They should have included this in the game, to give gamers more and better content.

We also have to wait for the remaining DLC’s to drop and I am personally interested in the brotherhood chapters before playing the game again.

To conclude, Final Fantasy 15 is a must have if you are a fan or someone who like RPGs in general. You can spend countless of hours in the open world to do bounties and side quests. The story is unfinished, but I can understand the release end 2016 was necessary to give something to the fans.

My Pure rating:

7 out of 10

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