On January 12th 2017, Nintendo presented the Switch to the world launching 3rd March 2017 with some of its features and games to come.

First, the presentation itself did not do its job enough to convince people to invest in the machine. The main issue was the lack of showing the future of the system for people to get hyped on.

Second was the fact that they spend half of the presentation talking about the new HD rumble feature without really showing how it can change your gaming experience (beside 1,2 Switch that you play without a screen).

Third disappointment was the new paid online service, that start Fall this year. As they couldn’t justify why this change with the Switch, it got me thinking that Nintendo simply wants to open a new “money maker” without knowing what to offer consumers to justify this subscription.

My last disappointment is simply the lack of sharing specifications and how the system software works. People want to know what is under the hood of any electronical machine they purchase and Nintendo should have shared something to set expectations in the community once and for all.

On the positive side, the Switch is unique and I will personally get one at launch. The idea of console type gaming experience on the go is what Switch’s unique selling point is in my opinion and Nintendo should make use communicating this heavily. If you have a game like FIFA for PS4 and Xbox1 and now the Switch, we will all agree that the game will look graphic wise much better on both PS4 and Xbox1. However, both can’t offer the unique on the go feature of the Switch and this could draw consumers to pay the Switch version instead.

I personally hope the Switch will become a success, just for the sake of having enough competition in the market to provide us variation in gaming experiences.

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