1.) The XB1 S is rendering at 960x1080p and using a reprojection method similar to Shadowfall.

2.) PS4 is 1920 x 1080p, PS4.PRO is 2240×1260

3.) There’s an Option for 2240 x 1260 on PC….

4.) Settings are pretty much identical on all three versions with High Shadows on consoles

5.) PC has a few extra features over consoles like very high shadows, per object motion blur, Hbao+ etc…however, very high shadows is very demanding on PC hardware and makes a GTX 970 run the game below 30fps as a result.

6.) IQ wise, the XB1 version is the worst, performance wise, the XB1 version is also the worst with much more aliasing and blurred details.

7.) PS4 and Pro seem to have the best performance. PC has similar performance to the base PS4 version with 2240 x 1260 and similar settings (i.e console settings). Base PS4 does dip ever so slightly in some firefights, but it’s nothing major…… a few frames here and there. Same happens with the PC (970) at console settings, with specific judder when loading new areas etc..

8.) PS4.PRO has flawless performance and is actually the best performer in the faceoff, but NX questions why POMB wasn’t used on that version. He still maintains that his pixel counts succeed 2240 x 1260 on the PRO

What your thought on this guys?


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