Ghost Recon: Wildlands was the big title at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference last year. We played the BETA this weekend and want to give our first impression of the game.

You may know already that Ghost Recon: Wildlands is an open world  reboot of tactical Ghost Recon game series and this time with a focus on co-operative gameplay.

With a team of four well-trained super soldiers, it is your job to roll an immense drug cartel in corrupt Bolivia. These super soldiers are survivors, travelers, birdwatchers, hunters, ghosts. They do not exist and yet they are in the spotlight in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.


Co-op for four players

During the beta demo, four players are dropped into the beautiful world of Bolivia. The game is playable solo but leans heavily on his so-called drop-in / drop-out co-op for four players.

Your mission is to kidnap and interrogate Alvarez, an influential smuggler, to get the necessary information on the cartel.

How the four super soldiers deal with it, is up to themselves. Or rather, its up to you. Full unscripted freedom is one of the cornerstones of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. First we see one of the four soldiers raiding a small hiding place with a set of criminals to retrieve some information on the whereabouts of Alvarez.

It’s not necessary, but convenient for those who prefer not to attack blindly. If you skip it, you will not be well prepared for the military guards surrounding Alvarez. Those who do, understand that a cautious approach is the most logical.

Grand Theft Auto: Wildlands

Vehicles, vessels and aircraft play an important role in Wild Lands. Transport is crucial in the huge open game world.

Boats, buggies, cars and helicopters are standing by to transport you from salt flats to inhospitable mountains. That’s more of GTA than of Ghost Recon, but it fits perfectly within the concept of four soldiers who live independently, survive and kill in a large open world.

The map is beautiful: Green, brown and white alternate as a natural backdrop for the action. Certainly from helicopter perspective it is nice to look over the varied landscape of virtual Bolivia. A dynamic weather system and regular day and night cycle, giving the landscape a different look, and tactical options.


Different Approache

The refreshing of all this is that, contrary to what we are accustomed to Ubisoft, the game itself does not give any input. No ready-made approaches, no illuminating paths or items and no defined mission structure. Wildlands as non scripted and improvisation theater.

There are objectives to be found throughout the game world that you can do in your own order, and then complete the story in your own way. No mission planning like Rainbow Six, but discuss the plan with your teammates on the go.

Improvements needed before launch

We played a game that needs more work before release.

Vehicles that popup in front of you and can kill instantly. Residents who do not respond when they see heavily armed soldiers raiding their village. While solo playing, the AI Ghosts get stuck often and they tend to alarm the soldier when stealth is your approach. Finally, the characters do not move and respond smoothly and the lip sync is way off.

Nevertheless, the first impression is impressive and it’s fun to play with your friends. Wildlands seems an appropriate way to save the somewhat dusty Ghost Recon series.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is scheduled for March 7th launch on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC

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