Horizon Zero Dawn, a game developed by the makers of the Killzone series. Horizon Zero Dawn offers a combination of Sci-fi and Fantasy, impressive moments and a world filled with unique flora and fauna.The game is an open world action RPG mixing the best gameplay mechanics we have seen over the past years, with unique elements to impress the player.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor horizon aloy rostYou play as Aloy, a girl raised outside of a local village. Because she is an outcast in the eyes of the villagers, residents are not allowed to talk to her. Only an elderly man named Rost, also an outcast, helps and raises her.Thanks to the training of Rost, Aloy gets the recognition of the leaders of Nora Tribe, which then opens the world of Horizon for the player to explore.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor horizon zero dawn

The thing that can be said about the machines is how the behave like real animals. Each machine has its own animations, ways of attack and degree of aggression. For that reason, each machine requires a different approach. The level of detail of each machine is a strength in itself. Not only behavior but also every part of the machine’s body has been carefully designed.For example, steel plates protect the most vulnerable parts of certain powerful machines. These plates, but also special items such as firearms, can be removed by the player.


Horizon Zero Dawn starts slow but ramps up into a spectacular action adventure. Since The Witcher 3, there hasn’t been an impressive RPG, and Horizon Zero Dawn is in every way impressive.

My pure rating:

9.5 out of 10

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