With NeoGAF getting unceremoniously abandoned following allegations of sexual misconduct against the site’s owner Tyler Malka (aka EviLore), former members of the popular gaming forum quickly banded together to form a new site called ResetEra – and within a few days, they managed to get the site.

It’s formatted in a similar way as NeoGAF, with games and off-topic forums that each have their own hangout subforum. Invitations are rolling out in waves, and ResetERA owners whose forum identities are verified are working hard to grow the community within ResetERA. Registration to the general public will be coming at a later time.

The new forum’s rules are already available to see, and do include a “no talking about NeoGAF” provision given how controversial this whole situation has been. Otherwise, the rules and registration process are very similar to NeoGaf. The NESbot Twitter has also switched over to the new API.

It’s also been revealed that the new site’s administration team includes social media figures like Nibel, shinobi602, and ZhugeEX – aka Asian games market analyst Daniel Ahmad.

While ResetEra is built as a replacement for NeoGAF for users who no longer feel comfortable there, the old forum itself came online this week alongside a statement from owner Tyler Malka. In the first few days, the forum exploded with Account Banned Requests Threads from the the Gaming Community.

A quick analysis comparing number of posts between the two forums within a certain time frame, shows an excitement for ResetERA from the Gaming Community.


The ResetEra website is up and running with over 100 threads already within the Video Games discussions and another 100 in the EtcetEra discussion for sports, education, politics, civil discourse, and more. At the time of this writing, it has 3,780 members and is closing in on 10k messages.

What do you think? is ResetERA going to surpass NeoGaf as THE #1 Global Gaming Forum or is this just a temporary hype?

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